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CPAN Modules

Author PEDWARDS modules CLucene | Net::SMS::BulkSMS | Authen::NIST::RBAC
Author SNAFUFANS modules CatalystX::ListFramework
Author OLIVER modules Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD with AutoCRUD demo


At https://perlkohacon.fi/ PerlKohaCon Helsinki 2023

August 2023 Modernising Legacy Perl PDF | ODP

At MiltonKeynes.pm Perl Mongers

April 2011 Adding OAuth to BBC World Service Arabic Twitter Feeder S5

April 2009 Introduction to WxWidgets PDF | OpenOffice

January 2009 Lightning talk on Exceptions PDF | OpenOffice

October 2008 Role Based Access Control Google Docs | HTML | Powerpoint

July 2008 Real Life Cross-Platform Testing Google Docs | HTML | Powerpoint

April 2007 Perl Web Frameworks HTML | Powerpoint | app.zip

June 2006 Perl, XS, SWIG and CLucene text search engine HTML | Powerpoint

At Ukrainian Perl Workshop 2009 "Perl Mova"

March 2009 Cross-Platform Testing PDF | OpenOffice

At Ukrainian Perl Workshop 2008 "Perl Mova"

February 2008 Getting Started With ExtJS And Catalyst Google Docs | HTML | Powerpoint | Photos


December 2007 Getting Started With ExtJS And Catalyst published in Catalyst Advent Calendar 2007 as Day 1

December 2007 Using Catalyst Models Externally and Multiple Configuration Files published in Catalyst Advent Calendar 2007 as Day 14

Code Samples

A Sample install script for an OpenInteract application on Redhat Enterprise Linux 3/4 [zip download]